Introducing the free, open-source, secure

Stellar Wallet

We are building open source software to transform cheap devices into secure hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

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Main Features

Our goal is to provide consumers with free software to turn cheap (as little as <US$10) devices into secure crypto wallets. Our dream would be to see manufacturers using the software to get cheap crypto wallets onto store shelves.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Seamlessly interact with the companion app and retail POS.

Hardware RNG

Generate secure keys on the device, seeded by unpredictable RF noise.

Built On Stellar

We are initialling targeting the Stellar cryptocurrency.

Open Source

Anyone can view, audit or contribute to the code

Fast Boot

Boots in under a second so you can turn it off entirely for security and power saving.

Secure Messaging

We plan to add message encryption and password management in the future.

Supported Devices

Our initial focus is on the M5Stack, then expanding to other ESP32 based devices such as the LILYGO series.



  • CPU: ESP32 Dual Core
  • Screen: 2" LCD
  • Resolution: 320x240
  • Control: 3 Buttons
  • Weight: 47.2g
  • Cost: US$27.95
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  • CPU: ESP32 Dual Core
  • Screen: 1.54" LCD
  • Resolution: 240x240
  • Control: Touch
  • Weight: 58.5g
  • Cost: ~US$21
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  • CPU: ESP32 Dual Core
  • Screen: 0.96" IPS
  • Resolution: 80x160
  • Control: Single Button
  • Weight: 30g
  • Cost: ~US$17
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  • CPU: ESP32 Dual Core
  • Screen: 0.96" LCD
  • Resolution: 80x160
  • Control: Single Button
  • Weight: 14g
  • Cost: US$9.95
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Watch Sneak Peek

Does this all seem like a pipe dream with little chance of happening? We are building it right now, and here's the proof.


If your question isn't answered here, feel free to get in touch on GitHub.

Our UI system is designed to scale from touch screen devices down to smart bands, and the control system adapts as well. For devices such as the M5Stack, the three-button system acts as up/down/confirm. For single button devices, tapping the button advances through menu options and holding it selects an option.
Our mobile phone smart wallet (designed to work in conjunction with hardware wallets) will support Android and iOS phones, with tablet support coming later.
Modern web browsers have built-in BLE support, meaning you can directly start a payment in your web browser and confirm it on your device with no phone necessary.
We are initially supporting only Stellar, although other cryptocurrencies may come in the future.